A Place for Butterflies

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Melissa Stewart shares with young readers the basic facts about butterflies, including how they transform from caterpillars to butterflies, where they live, what they eat, and how they benefit plants and animals. Sidebars throughout the book contain information about how human action has harmed butterflies in the past, and the many ways people can protect certain butterfly populations, like by preserving forests and meadows and cutting down on pesticide use. Also included are pointers on how youngsters can help butterflies in their own neighborhood.

Stewart reminds children of the interconnectedness of our world and shows how the actions of one species can inadvertently harm another. Bond's realistically detailed illustrations highlight the diversity of the species, from the Schaus swallowtail butterflies in southern Florida to the endangered Mitchell's satyrs.

Additional Information

Author Melissa Stewart
Publisher Peachtree Publishers
Publication Date No
Edition No
Pages 32
ISBN13 9781561455713