Engaging Young Children with Informational Books

Engaging Young Children with Informational Books

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Because nonfiction and young readers are a natural fit!

Common Core or not, providing our youngest readers with a thorough grounding in nonfiction is just good teaching. There’s no better way to ensure our students acquire the background knowledge and vocabulary so essential to their understanding of subjects like science and social studies. Helen Patrick and Panayota Mantzicopoulos have written this book to assist you with this all-important effort.

What makes Engaging Young Children so unique? Above all else it’s realistic. It describes immediately useable strategies for using informational reading and writing to both enrich and expand the curriculum. Taking their lead from the Common Core, the authors provide:

• Criteria for choosing books
• Strategies for shared reading and reading aloud
• Informational writing activities
• Ways to guide parent involvement
• Real-life classroom success stories

Read the book, try out some of the strategies, and you’ll quickly see for yourself just how engaging, informative, and formative nonfiction can be.

Additional Information

Author Helen Patrick, Panayota Mantzicopoulos
Publisher Corwin Press
Publication Date 2014
Edition No
Pages 232
ISBN13 9781412986700