Insects: Biggest! Littlest!

Insects: Biggest! Littlest!

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Bugs that make kids say "Wow!" Here are twenty-one sex-legged wonders from around the world—from the 22-inch-long Giant Stick Insect of Borneo to North America's Western Pygmy Blue Butterfly, with a wingspan of just a half inch. Huge mandibles, tiny bumps, and other amazing adaptations—big and little—enable each kind of insect to find food, avoid enemies, or fight for mates. Sandra Markle and Simon Pollard follow their successful Spiders: Biggest! Littlest! with a new feast for young scientific minds. The simple text and captivating full-color photographs offer new insights into the amazing survival skills of the world's most fascinating creatures.

Ages:  5-7

Grades:  K-2

Additional Information

Author Sandra Markle
Publisher Boyds Mill Press
Publication Date 2009
Edition No
Pages 32
ISBN13 9781590788721