On Your Mark:  Challenging the Conventions of Grading and Reporting

On Your Mark: Challenging the Conventions of Grading and Reporting

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Create and sustain a learning environment where students thrive and stakeholders are accurately informed of student progress. Clarify the purpose of grades, craft a vision statement aligned with this purpose, and discover research-based strategies to implement effective grading and reporting practices. Identify policies and practices that render grading inaccurate, and understand the role grades play in students future success and opportunities.

  • -Question traditional grading and reporting practices, and seek more accurate practices.
  • -Identify the purpose of grading, and ensure school and classroom visions, practices, and policies support it.
  • -Implement research-based grading and reporting practices that promote accurate, useful accounts of student learning.
  • -Understand why traditional practices, such as grading on the curve and offering plus or minus grades, dont fully report student academic performance.
  • -Examine grading and reporting policies, and make sure they support students, parents, and other stakeholders.


Grades K-12

Additional Information

Author Thomas R. Guskey
Publisher Solution Tree
Publication Date 2014
Edition No
Pages 144
ISBN13 9781935542773