Proven Programs in Education:  Science, Technology and Mathematics (STEM)

Proven Programs in Education: Science, Technology and Mathematics (STEM)

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Proven Programs in Education is a series of books that draws on the best of Better: Evidence-Based Education, a unique magazine that provides leadership teams in education with the information they need. The series includes four titles:

  • Proven Programs in Literacy
  • Proven Programs in STEM
  • Proven Programs in  Social Emotional Development        
  • Proven Programs in Classroom Management and Assessment
The Proven Programs in Education series is about research-proven strategies and programs that can be applied in practice. The authors distill their work and research into succinct, easily-digestible articles highlighting the practical implications that teachers, principals, and administrators can use. Each article includes links to further reading and resources that allow readers to delve more deeply into particular issues.

Additional Information

Author Robert E. Slavin
Publisher Corwin Press
Publication Date 2014
Edition No
Pages 152
ISBN13 9781483351216