What If...

What If...

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As a young artist sits down to consider her work, she wonders what would happen if her pencil disappeared?

While imagining paper flowers, cranes, and unicorns, she knows she’d take the paper she’s drawing on and fold it into art. And if there was no paper? She’d chisel the table she’s writing on and chair she sits upon. Thus begins a mixed-media exploration of what it means to be an artist. The nameless protagonist, a stand-in for any youngster driven by creative tides, daydreams in explosive, bright color-scapes. Curato’s collages, featuring ink, pencil, acrylics, and more, make beautiful backdrops that pop, contrast, and fill each spread with life. Even wood shavings shine in burnished, textured glory.

What’s more, Berger’s inspiring message, drawn from her own experience of losing the tools to make her art during a natural disaster, uplifts and demonstrates the unstoppable spirit of creativity. As the final illustration showcases the variety of expressions (dance, digital art, scientific discovery), many young artists will come away connected and affirmed.

Ages:  3-6

Grades:  P-3

Additional Information

Author Samantha Berger
Publisher Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Publication Date 2018
Edition No
Pages 40
ISBN13 9780316390965