Amadi's Snowman

Amadi's Snowman

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Why does Amadi’s mother insist he learn to read words? Why should an Igbo boy of Nigeria, who will become a great trader, waste precious time on books?

When he runs off to the market instead of sticking around for a reading lesson, he encounters a much-admired older boy secretly reading at a book stall, and then Amadi becomes intrigued by a storybook with pictures of a strange white creature that has a carrot for a nose. Unable to shake his questions about the snowman, Amadi discovers the vast world reading can open up―especially for an Igbo boy of Nigeria.

Ages:  4-8

Grades: 1-6

Lexile Measure: 600

Additional Information

Author Katia Novet-Saint-lot
Publisher Tilbury House
Publication Date 2015
Edition No
Pages 32
ISBN13 9780884484400