I Am Vincent van Gogh

I Am Vincent van Gogh

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I Am Vincent van Gogh introduces readers, ages ten and up, to one of the world’s most famous painters. Van Gogh’s life is as fascinating as his paintings. Although always interested in art, van Gogh did not start painting until his late twenties. Once he started, van Gogh created some of the world’s best-known paintings including Sunflowers and The Starry Night.

Roig brings van Gogh’s story to life as if van Gogh were speaking directly to the reader. Precise explanations of art movements and terms are provided for readers. Illustrations of van Gogh’s family and life are interspersed with vibrant reproductions of paintings. I Am Vincent van Gogh, the story and the art, will captivate readers.

Ages:  10-14

Additional Information

Author Gabriel Martin Roig
Publisher Star Bright Books
Publication Date 2016
Edition No
Pages 64
ISBN13 9781595727701