Great Debates,  New Americans

Great Debates, New Americans

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This title is one of five books from the Great Debate series published by Norwood House in 2014.  The book aligns with the Common Core language arts anchor standard for reading informational text, speaking and listening.

As much as possible, Chapters 1 through 5 are organized along chronological lines. Each chapter title
is actually a “big question” that was being debated at that point in history. At the bottom of the opening
spread for each chapter are the “big answers” to those questions—one assuming the Affirmative Side
and the other the Negative Side, as would be the case in an academic debate. These answers not only
serve as examples of how a classroom debate (or discussion) might proceed. They send a critical message to
students—that the heated arguments they hear on this issue today have actually been going on for centuries.
Each of the first five chapters features two Make Your Case sidebars. Each of these sidebars presents a
quote on the subject matter by an opinion-maker of the day. The quote is followed by a brief analysis, which
concludes with a question. This question is meant to stimulate class discussion.

Grade level: 5-8
Dewey: 305
Subject: Civil Rights Movement, African American Civil Rights, Social Science/Gay Studies
Accelerated Reader Reading Level: 7.8
Lexile Level: 1060L

Additional Information

Author Harrison, Scott
Publisher Norwood House
Publication Date 2014
Edition No
Pages 14
ISBN13 9781603576055