50 Literacy Strategies for Beginning Teachers, 1-8, Third Edition

50 Literacy Strategies for Beginning Teachers, 1-8, Third Edition

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Pre-service and in-service teachers alike will find valuable help for understanding and using research-based techniques to teach literacy skills to individuals and small groups, and to enable students to learn specific literacy competencies.

This book provides practical guidelines for using 50 strategies using step-by-step instruction before, during, and after each phase of a literacy lesson. Based on research and best practices, the guide couples the 50 strategies with authentic children's literature as examples. An invaluable tool for lesson planning and preparing teachers to develop specific literacy competencies in learners, it provides an instructional framework for literacy lessons that views students as active participants in the construction of meaning. This book includes word recognition strategies, vocabulary strategies, comprehension strategies, and writing strategies.

What's new in this edition:

A new introduction to word recognition at the beginning of Part II defines the differences in word perception skills and shows readers the importance of each.

A new introduction to vocabulary at the beginning of Part III explains the teaching and development of word meaning, especially in the content areas.

A new introduction to comprehension at the beginning of Part IV shows comprehension not as a mastery of the "parts," but rather as how competencies contribute to the "whole" in constructing meaning.

A new introduction to writing at the beginning of Part V explores the link between writers as good readers and readers as good writers.

A new section on strategies particularly advantageous for English Learners (EL) in a new Part VI is especially relevant for today's diverse classrooms.

New strategy conversational puppets in Part VI help English Learners increase their conversational English Skills.

A new strategy-echo reading feature in Part VI includes ideas for increasing fluency in English Learners.

Several strategies from the previous edition have been combined to help readers see the interconnectedness of instructional techniques.

Suggested supplementary technology aids appear in the Appendix.

Additional Information

Author Terry L. Norton, Betty L. Land
Publisher Allyn & Bacon / Merill
Publication Date 2012
Edition No
Pages 192
ISBN13 9780132690065