Good Choice!

Good Choice!

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For those of us who treasure memories of a childhood spent curled up with favorite books, it may be shocking to realize that reading is a chore for many of our students. In recent years, the increased class time spent on reading instruction geared toward measurable performance -- from tests to book reports -- means fewer children have the opportunity to discover reading for pleasure, or to research topics that interest them. If we want children to become truly engaged readers, we must set aside time every day for them to independently select, read, and respond. Of course, just providing time and a variety of reading materials isn't adequate to ensure that students achieve the independence they need to become lifelong readers. Students need guidance on selecting materials at an appropriate level, they need practice in the habits of readers, and they need the social reinforcement of sharing ideas about their reading with peers.
In Good Choice!, noted author and literacy specialist Tony Stead outlines the components that foster successful independent reading in grades K-6. He examines practices that:

-establish independent reading and borrowing routines;-provide adequate resources for independent reading;-support children in selecting a wide range of appropriate texts;-offer opportunities for children to respond to their reading.

Additional Information

Author Tony Stead
Publisher Stenhouse Publishers
Publication Date 2009
Edition No
Pages No
ISBN13 9781571107329

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