How the Brain Influences Behavior: Management Strategies for Every Classroom

How the Brain Influences Behavior: Management Strategies for Every Classroom

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In easy-to-understand language, the author presents current information on brain development and function and highlights factors that affect social and emotional decision making and negative behaviors like impulsivity, defiance, and violence. Comprehensive yet concise, this guide for K-12 teachers and counselors provides methods for teaching self-control and fostering positive relationships with troubled students and provides case studies that match effective strategies with specific behaviors. Educators will find answers to critical questions such as: How does the rate of brain development explain the erratic behavior of adolescents?; What type of data collection can help teachers manage misbehavior?; Can peer influence help curb misbehavior rather than encourage it?; Why are boys more likely to misbehave than girls and what can teachers do about it?; How do school and classroom climates affect student behavior? This invaluable handbook also features reproducible forms, worksheets, checklists, additional references, and an expanded list of primary research sources to help teachers understand and apply research-based principles for classroom and behavior management.

Additional Information

Author David A. Sousa
Publisher Corwin Press
Publication Date 2008
Edition No
Pages 264
ISBN13 9781412958707