A Drop Around the World

A Drop Around the World

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A drop of rain is a drop of life, from stream to snow, from polluted to purified, from stratus cloud to subterranean crack, water links the world in a living flow.  Traveling with Drop, readers will see the world, inside and out, from solid, liquid, and vaporous viewpoints.  The everlasting, ever-changing Drop earns our respect for water and its unique role on Earth.

This book is a year-after-year favorite with teachers. It engagingly leads readers around the world following a drop of water—whether as steam or snow, inside a plant or animal, or underground—teaching the wonders and importance of the water cycle. (There’s lots of geography, too.) Four pages of science about the qualities of water are included.

Ages 5-12

Additional Information

Author Barbara Shaw McKinney
Publisher Dawn
Publication Date 1998
Edition No
Pages 32
ISBN13 9781883220723