The Streets are Free  (Reissue)

The Streets are Free (Reissue)

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*Horace Mann Book Awards Honor Book


For the children of the barrio of San José de la Urbina in Caracas,Venezuela, their only playground is the busy streets. Where once there were fields and streams, the landscape is now defined by office towers, sewers and highways.

With the help of the local librarian, the children ask the mayor for a vacant lot to build a playground, but all they get are empty campaign promises. Even when a reporter’s news story brings the mayor out to launch the project, nothing further happens.

Finally, it is up to the kids themselves to make their dream come true. Undeterred by the obstacles in their path, they rally family, friends and neighbors, who unite to create a space that the children can call their own.

Based on a true story, The Streets are Free stands as an uplifting testament to the power of perseverance, commitment and teamwork as a means of overcoming political apathy. Originally published in 1985, this inspiring story is now back in print.

Ages:  6-9

Grades:  1-4

Additional Information

Author Kurusa
Publisher Annick Press
Publication Date 2008
Edition Reissue
Pages 48
ISBN13 9781550373707