Computational Thinking and Coding for Every Student:  The Teacher’s Getting-Started Guide

Computational Thinking and Coding for Every Student: The Teacher’s Getting-Started Guide

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Product Description

Empower tomorrow’s tech innovators

Our students are avid users and consumers of technology. Isn’t it time that they see themselves as the next technological innovators, too? Computational Thinking and Coding for Every Students is the beginner’s guide for K-12 educators who want to learn to integrate the basics of computer science into their curriculum.

Readers will find:

  • -Practical strategies for teaching computational thinking and the beginning steps to introduce coding at any grade level, across disciplines, and during out-of-school time
  • -Instruction-ready lessons and activities for every grade
  • -Specific guidance for designing a learning pathway for elementary, middle, or high school students
  • -Justification for making coding and computer science accessible to all
  • -A glossary with definitions of key computer science terms, a discussion guide with tips for making the most of the book, and companion website with videos, activities, and other resources.


Momentum for computer science education is growing as educators and parents realize how fundamental computing has become for the jobs of the future. This book is for educators who see all of their students as creative thinkers and active contributors to tomorrow’s innovations.

“Kiki Prottsman and Jane Krauss have been at the forefront of the rising popularity of computer science and are experts in the issues that the field faces, such as equity and diversity. In this book, they’ve condensed years of research and practitioner experience into an easy to read narrative about what computer science is, why it is important, and how to teach it to a variety of audiences. Their ideas aren’t just good, they are research-based and have been in practice in thousands of classrooms…So to the hundreds and thousands of teachers who are considering, learning, or actively teaching computer science—this book is well worth your time.” Pat Yongpradit Chief Academic Officer,

Additional Information

Author Jane Krauss and Kiki Prottsman
Publisher Corwin
Publication Date 2017
Edition No
Pages 208
ISBN13 9781506341286