Awakening Brilliance in the Writer's Workshop

Awakening Brilliance in the Writer's Workshop

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Through practical, step-by-step instruction, Morris demonstrates how to use writer's notebooks, mentor texts, the writing process, and the 6 traits. Specific topics include: setting up the classroom for workshops; creating a writing curriculum; creating guidelines, expectations, and lessons for using notebooks; helping students select ideas, brainstorm, and plan; assigning writing partners and organizing sharing; getting students to self-reflect; creating process and product portfolios; finding resources for publishing; holding effective writing conferences. The book also offers an array of invaluable tools, such as: student writing samples; mini-lessons for each stage of the writing process; lesson plans; pacing guides for dividing your time during the workshop; sample charts to help you stay organized; suggested classroom guidelines and handouts; a list of mentor texts, organized by what you can use them to teach (e.g., adjectives, alliteration, onomatopoeia, beginnings, endings, strong verbs, sensory details); quotations on each stage of the writing process to motivate students.

Additional Information

Author Lisa Morris
Publisher Eye on Education
Publication Date 2011
Edition No
Pages 208
ISBN13 9781596671959