Continuing the Journey: Becoming a Better Teacher of Literature and Informational Texts

Continuing the Journey: Becoming a Better Teacher of Literature and Informational Texts

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Aimed at accomplished veteran teachers, Continuing the Journey offers practical advice, encouragement, and cutting-edge ideas for today’s English classroom. Coauthors Leila Christenbury and Ken Lindblom, well-known teachers, writers, and former editors of English Journal, are joined in this book by almost two dozen classroom teachers and researchers.

Together they present real strategies for real classrooms and offer teachers ideas, insights, and support. Focused on literature and informational texts, this lively book (the first in a series) is a road map to professional renewal and to becoming a better teacher. Topics include:

  • -Changes in you, your classroom, and your school
  • -What it means to be a better teacher
  • -Teaching literary texts and literary nonfiction Incorporating the study of informational texts and of social media in your classroom

An innovative feature of the book—the Ideal Teachers’ Lounge—invites the voices of many highly regarded teachers and scholars to engage, inspire, and inform you about the challenging world of professional teaching. Vignettes from real classrooms infuse the book with practicality. Inviting, collegial, and knowledgeable, Leila and Ken share their experience, stories, and ideas flavored with drama and humor.

If you are a veteran English teacher, well beyond the first-year jitters and ready to focus fully on the success of your students and your own professional growth, Continuing the Journey, both book and series, is for you.

Grades:  9-12

Additional Information

Author Leila Christenbury and Ken Lindblom
Publisher NCTE
Publication Date 2017
Edition No
Pages 196
ISBN13 9780814108543