Enhancing Communication for Individuals with Autism:  A Guide to the Visual Immersion System

Enhancing Communication for Individuals with Autism: A Guide to the Visual Immersion System

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How can you help children with moderate to severe autism become more effective communicators? Discover the Visual Immersion System (VIS), a practical, research-based intervention framework that taps into the strong visual processing skills many children on the spectrum have. You'll learn how to use readily available resources—from photos and symbols to apps and software—to create a customized system of visual supports that boost seven key communicative functions. For each of the functions, you'll get comprehensive how-to guidance on choosing tools and materials, conducting systematic instruction, collecting data, and assessing how well interventions are working. A must for SLPs, interventionists, and educators, the innovative VIS approach will ensure better communication and higher quality of life for children with autism.


  • -Uses visual supports, an approach that's proven successful for children with autism
  • -Strengthens communication skills needed for learning and meaningful human interaction
  • -Builds on evidence-based assessment and intervention procedures developed over decades at Boston Children's Hospital
  • -Incorporates a wide range of low-tech and higher-tech options
  • -Flexible—can be used in home, school, or community settings
  • -Provides clear, easy-to-use instructions on conducting interventions
  • -Includes guidance on generalizing new communication skills

PRACTICAL MATERIALS: Detailed guide to low- and higher-tech visual supports (includes benefits and limitations of each); case examples from clinical practice and field study; 15 reproducible checklists and forms to guide assessment, implementation, and progress monitoring.

Help children with autism improve key communication skills:

  • -Protest and refusal
  • -Organization & transitions
  • -Requesting
  • -Directives
  • -Commenting
  • -Questions
  • -Social pragmatics

Additional Information

Author Howard Shane, Jenniver S. Abramson, Kara Corky, Holly Fadie, Suzanne Flynn, Emily Laubscher, Ralf Scholosser, James Sorce
Publisher Brookes Publishing
Publication Date 2015
Edition No
Pages 344
ISBN13 9781598572216