Lessons & Units for Closer Reading; Ready-to-Go Resources and Planning Tools Galore.

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 Every teacher who is struggling to make close reading a cohesive and coherent part of the curriculum, take notice: relief is in sight, thanks to Nancy Boyles’ Lessons and Units for Closer Reading.

Here, Nancy redefines what it means to publish on demand with a resource that answers your most urgent questions around how to implement close reading within the literacy block. What’s more, she delivers all the goods: eight three-week units on close reading to immediately drop in to the curriculum and achieve that so-essential connectedness and coherence.


Want a year-long curriculum? You’ve got it. There are 32 lessons in all, based on readily available complex picture books and organized by eight learning pathways for approaching important themes in literature and information. You can get started right away, with the help of:


  • Short nonfiction articles to kick off each unit and get kids’ minds percolating
  • Assessment tasks, rubrics, planning templates, booklists, and more to make close reading instruction easy, efficient, and effective
  • Links to 20+ video segments showing close reading and follow-up lessons in action
  • Page-by-page text-dependent questions for every picture book
  • Student work providing exemplars for writing about reading
  • 10 Planning Steps for developing new units of study


Nancy Boyle’s Closer Reading expertly delivered answers to the why and how of close reading.  Now, with this phenomenal sequel, you’re treated to her playbook. This is the one that will sit in your lap while you teach, each and every day.

Additional Information

Author Nancy Boyles
Publisher Corwin
Publication Date Jan 2015
Edition No
Pages 304
ISBN13 9781483375670