Opening Day

Opening Day

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In Opening Day, by Susan Bartlett, we learn that Sam’s best friend Eric loves to hunt. His whole family hunts–even his mom and grandma! But Sam’s mom is a vegetarian, and his dad prefers to buy his meat at the supermarket. Sam wants to make up his own mind, and with his parent’s support he works hard to get his hunting license so he can join Eric and his dad for opening day. Although he feels great to be one of the crowd at the opening-day breakfast, once he sees a deer in the woods, he wonders if he really wants to shoot an animal. And if he decides hunting is not for him, will Eric still be his friend?

Ages:  6-9

Grades:  1-4

Lexile Measure:  600L

Additional Information

Author Susan Bartlett
Publisher Tilbury House
Publication Date 2007
Edition Hardcover
Pages 32
ISBN13 9780884482888