Planting the Seeds of Algebra, PreK-2:  Explorations for the Early Grades

Planting the Seeds of Algebra, PreK-2: Explorations for the Early Grades

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Help young minds explore algebraic concepts

Algebra is the gateway to higher education, and preparing students to grasp algebraic concepts increases their opportunities to succeed. This book shows teachers how to create a strong foundation in algebra for very young children. Using in-depth math “explorations,” the author unpacks—step by step—the hidden connections to higher algebra. Each exploration contains an elegantly simple grade-banded lesson (on addition, subtraction, patterns, and odd and even numbers), followed by a discussion of the algebra connections in the lesson, as well as suggestions for additional problems to explore. Throughout, readers will find:

  • Clear explanations of algebraic connections
  • Specific strategies for teaching the key ideas of algebra
  • Lesson modifications for older or younger students
  • An array of age-appropriate problems, games, and lessons

 Planting the seeds of Algebra, PreK–2 helps teachers foster mathematical habits of mind in students such as critical thinking, problem solving, adaptability, agility, communication, curiosity, and imagination. Growth in these ways of thinking and doing will transfer to other areas of education and life—raising the bar and challenging students to aspire.

Additional Information

Author Monica Neagoy
Publisher Corwin Press
Publication Date 2012
Edition No
Pages 208
ISBN13 9781412996600