Real Sisters Pretend

Real Sisters Pretend

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This warm, engaging story, which unfolds entirely through the conversation of two adopted sisters, was inspired by the author's own daughters, whom she overheard talking about how adoption made them "real sisters" even though they have different birth parents and do not look alike. "I liked how they took care of one another in their pretend-play scenario about climbing a mountain," Lambert says, "and I loved how they also took care of one another's feelings as they talked about adoption.

Real Sisters Pretend captures these interactions perfectly and movingly. Told with simple words and playful illustrations, this book touches on the topics of adoption, two moms, and multiracial family life. Modern families can look very different from the nuclear families of yesteryear, but as Lambert says in the book's introduction, "No matter how a family comes to be, the most important thing is for everyone to feel loved, safe, and cared for." Real Sisters Pretend is a great vehicle for sharing that love and reassurance.

Ages:  4-8

Grades: K-5

Lexile Measure: AD470L

Paperback edition to be available in Fall, 2019

Additional Information

Author Megan Dowd Lambert
Publisher Tilbury House
Publication Date No
Edition Hardcover
Pages 32
ISBN13 9780884484741