Study Driven:  A Framework for Planning Units of Study in the Writing Workshop

Study Driven: A Framework for Planning Units of Study in the Writing Workshop

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In Study Driven Ray shows you that encouraging students to read closely can improve the effectiveness of your writing instruction. Detailing her own method for utilizing the popular mentor-texts approach, Ray helps you immerse children in a close study of published texts that supports their learning, leads them to a better understanding of the traits of good writing, and motivates them to become more accomplished writers.

Ray shows you how to set up your writing workshop to facilitate close study. From grounded understandings to informed practice to supportive resources, she demonstrates: how to find a rich variety of texts that give students a clear vision of the writing you want them to do; how to strategically select texts to support whole-class learning as well as individual choice; how your teaching language gives structure to curriculum development and student learning; how good planning turns curricular standards and objectives into sensible units of study; why depth can be a more practical and effective curricular goal than breadth in writing instruction.

Study Driven also gives you the ideas and resources for thirty units of study, ranging from genres to punctuation and appropriate across grade levels.

Additional Information

Author Katie Wood Ray
Publisher Heinemann
Publication Date 2006
Edition No
Pages 304
ISBN 0325007500
ISBN13 9780325007502