The RTI Toolkit:  A Practical Guide for Schools

The RTI Toolkit: A Practical Guide for Schools

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The book operates with the expectation that a group introducing the RTI process to a school is likely to have only limited resources with which to work and will be most successful if it concentrates the majority of its initial energy at the Tier II, individualized, intervention level. It was written expressly to help administrators, teachers, school psychologists, parents, and other school stakeholders accomplish this task. Although it does provide suggestions to schools for inventorying and organizing their Tier I universal and Tier III intensive student supports to integrate them into RTI. In the first year, the initial task of an RTI implementation group should be to build the school's capacity at the Tier II level to: Identify students at risk for learning of behavioral issues; Tailor intervention plans to meet their needs; Monitor these students' progress over time to ensure that they are closing the gap with their peers, and; Adopt decision rules to know when struggling students have not responded to intervention and should be referred on to special education.

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Author Jim Wright
Publisher National Professional Resources
Publication Date 2007
Edition No
Pages 233
ISBN13 9781934032053