Uncovering Student Thinking About Mathematics in the Common Core, High School 25 Formative Assessment Probes

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Take the guesswork out of high school math instruction! 
Helping your students master high school mathematics just got a whole lot easier! Bestselling authors Cheryl Rose Tobey and Carolyn B. Arline provide 25 detailed and grade-level specific assessment probes that promote deep learning and expert math instruction. Learn to ask the right questions to uncover where and how students commonly get confused. 

Focused on subconcepts within the new Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and organized by strand, the probes will help you foster new and accurate skills--while learning is underway. You’ll learn how to 

  • Quickly diagnose students’ common misconceptions and procedural mistakes 
  • Help students pinpoint areas of struggle
  • Plan targeted instruction that builds on students’ current understandings while addressing difficulties with Algebra, Geometry,Functions, Logarithms, Statistics and Probability, Trigonometric Ratios, and more
  • Elicit the skills and processes related to the Standards for Mathematical Practices

You’ll find sample student responses, extensive Teacher Notes, and research-based tips and resources to help you instill new mathematical ideas. Includes the QUEST Cycle for effective, hands-on implementation. Now you can eliminate the guesswork once and for all and join thousands of busy high school teachers who’ve used these easy-to-implement tools to build solid math proficiency! 

Additional Information

Author Cheryl Rose Tobey, Carolyn B. Arline
Publisher Corwin
Publication Date 2014
Edition No
Pages 256
ISBN13 9781452276571