Writing Builders:  Neal and Nan Build Narrative Nonfiction

Writing Builders: Neal and Nan Build Narrative Nonfiction

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Neil and Nan have a writing assignment. They have to write a true story about their topic, roller coasters. Their narrative nonfiction needs a beginning, middle, and an end. It needs facts and sensory details too. Will Neil and Nan enjoy the ride? Additional concepts include: hooks, sensory details, and main ideas.  Activities in the back help the reader write their own narrative nonfiction.

The Writing Builders series helps young students become better writers! They’ll be able to join in on the fun as friends in the story learn the basics of the writing process. Concepts include brainstorming and outlines, to first drafts, revising, and the finished piece. From book reports to blogs, each book in the Writing Builders series covers a different writing project, allowing students to easily follow the steps needed to finish their own writing

Additional Information

Author Andrea Pelleschi
Publisher Norwood House
Publication Date 2014
Edition No
Pages 32
ISBN13 9781603575607