I just want to say thank you for all you do … Every time I need anything you’ve bent over backwards to get it done…
I wouldn’t go anywhere else when it comes to ordering my books… Thank you again for making my job a little easier.
Barb, MA

No matter what the title, Alran is able to obtain it for us and get it into the hands of our students quickly! We so appreciate the amazing customer service, quick response time, and even quicker shipping. There hasn’t been a title yet that Alran couldn’t get into our hands expeditiously. Our school district values the relationship we have with Alran and the personalized service we receive. We wouldn’t go anywhere else!
Caroline, CT

Connie is quick to respond with quote inquiries, offers the best pricing possible, orders the materials quickly and ensures the turnaround time from order placement to delivery is within a reasonable timeframe. Connie is an absolute pleasure to work with and I believe this is a direct reflection of how the company operates and treats all its customers. I would highly recommend Alran Books for any purchasing needs.
Jennifer S.

Higher Education

Alran Books Earns an A++
Working in higher education with a specialized concentration in Leadership, we often have a need for books that are not readily available for purchase due to institute purchasing restrictions. Connie at Alran Books has been phenomenal to work with regardless of whether purchasing just a few books or larger purchases of 200+ books.

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