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Supplying the best educational books to thousands of schools and educators.  With access to most of the major and minor publishers ALRAN can fulfill just about any book request with competitive pricing and dependable delivery.  Our knowledgeable staff can assist with selection and recommendations.

One More Zoom

One More Zoom

One more Zoom?  Webinar?  Email?  Paper to read online?  How are your eyes doing?  How is your brain doing? Does spending time on the...

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ALRAN Insight

The Distance Learning Playbook is a must have for 2020!  It provides valuable information and methods to navigate the remote learning environment.


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Debbie Diller Teaching Tips

Debbie Diller Teaching Tips

Debbie Diller has written three new books this past year for k-4 teachers under the theme of Simply Stations . Debbie has been working with teachers through book groups, conference sessions and zooms to help teachers adjust to remote and hybrid learning.  Deb takes a...

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