The Perfect Time for Ralph Fletchers Writing Books for Students

2020 is posing a challenge to educators and students on reshaping the way they teach and learn, what role will books play? While it’s easy to think everything will be on the computer students, learn many topics and lessons better from a traditional book and from the hand eye connection of writing on paper.. Ralph Fletcher’s books are well written and students and teachers love them. These are great both for students to have while remote learning and also as an educator’s reference for writing instruction.  

“A writers notebook gives you a place to live like a writer, not just in school during writing time, but wherever you are, at any time of day.”  – Ralph Fletcher  
Fifth grade.  Memoirs, narrative writing.  What a perfect time for this book.  A student could reflect on a small moment and time or even create their narrative of this time in history preserving their thoughts, memories and daily lives during the pandemic to read at another time in their lives. 
“This book is based on the simple idea that every writer has a “tool box”. Instead of awls and hammers, a writer’s toolbox contains words, imagination, a love of books, a sense of story, and ideas for how to make the writing live and breathe. I wrote this book to give you some practical strategies to throw into your toolbox. I hope you’ll try them, because these are ideas that can make you a better writer.”

These small books make you feel connected and they personalize the writing experience for students. It is this grounding that our students need so badly during these times.  These are not expensive books.  They are small paperbacks perfect for hybrid or distance learning.  

The books have been written for students age 8-12, but I feel they can be used at a wide range of grades and even adult ed..  This is the year to put these titles in the hands of your students. Perhaps, pick one per grade level to focus on particular skills.

Need a price quote?  We can help you make the best of hybrid and remote learning for developing writers.

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