100 Brain-Friendly Lessons for Unforgettable Teaching and Learning (9-12)


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Use research- and brain-based teaching to engage students and maximize learning Lessons should be memorable and engaging.

When they are, student achievement increases, behavior problems decrease, and teaching and learning are fun! In 100 Brain-Friendly Lessons for Unforgettable Teaching and Learning 9-12, best-selling author and renowned educator and consultant Marcia Tate takes her bestselling Worksheets Don’t Grow Dendrites one step further by providing teachers with ready-to-use lesson plans that take advantage of the way that students really learn. Readers will find

  • -100 cross-curricular sample lessons from each of the eight major content areas: Earth Science, Life Science, Physical Science, English, Finance, Algebra, Geometry, Social Studies
  • -Plans designed around the most frequently taught objectives found in national and international curricula.
  • -Lessons educators can immediately replicate in their own classrooms or use to develop their own.
  • -20 brain-compatible, research-based instructional strategies that work for all learners.
  • -Five questions that high school teachers should ask and answer when planning brain-compatible lessons and an in-depth explanation of each of the questions.
  • -Guidance on building relationships with students that enable them to learn at optimal levels.

It is a wonderful time to be a high school teacher! This hands-on resource will show you how to use what we know about educational neuroscience to transform your classroom into a place where success if accessible for all.

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