From Equity Insights to Action: Critical Strategies for Teaching Multilingual Learners


Your Greatest Assets are Right Before Your Eyes: Your Multilingual Learners!

Equity for multilingual learners (MLLs) means that students’ cultural and linguistic identities, backgrounds, and experiences are recognized as valued, rich sources of knowledge and their academic, linguistic, literacy, and social–emotional growth is ensured to the fullest potential. This ready-to-use guide offers practical, classroom-level strategies for educators seeking thoughtful, research-informed, and accessible information on how to champion equity for MLLs in a post-COVID era.

Focused on the deliberate daily actions that all teachers of multilingual learners can take, this resource guide captures a compelling advocacy framework for culturally and linguistically responsive equity work, including

  • Authentic examples of how educators understand and support MLLs through an equity lens
  • Student portraits of multilingual learners’ experiences
  • Accessible answers to essential how-to questions
  • Robust professional learning activities
  • Access to print and online resources for additional information

Thoughtful probes throughout the guide help teachers develop student agency and foster pathways in their own practice and communication with multilingual learners.

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