Instructional Reading Library: Grade 7, Action and Adventure


Grade level strategies to improve reading and critical thinking skills with authentic texts curated by Laura Robb.

Using the very best and latest authentic texts, PRH Education Instructional Reading Libraries are professionally curated in collaboration with literacy expert Laura Robb. Libraries are organized by genre and selected to represent the actual range of instructional reading levels found in middle school classrooms. Each genre library has 100 different books to offer students a choice, important for
engagement, and so teachers can pair an appropriate book with each student.

Each PRH Education Instructional Library includes a
comprehensive Educator Handbook written by literacy expert
Laura Robb. Using research-based practices for Instructional
reading, the handbook shows teachers how to:

  • Plan interactive reading lessons throughout a unit of study to enlarge students’ vocabulary
  • Apply reading strategies and literary elements to build students’ critical thinking
  • Analyze texts, text structures and literary features to improve comprehension through discussion and student reading notebooks
  • Differentiate reading instruction with genre-based instructional libraries so all students can improve their reading skill

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