Exploring Science with Gail Gibbons: A Collection of Three Titles

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Ladybugs are a type of beetle. They live on six of the seven continents. There are believed to be about 5,000 different kinds of ladybugs around the world. Here are descriptions of their physical characteristics, their four stages of development from egg to adult, and how they live. Ladybugs eat insects that damage plants and are an important part of our environment.

Explore non-fiction with author Gail Gibbons.  Her books feature rich illustrations and teach children about a wide range of real world topics. Her titles include Ladybugs, It’s Raining, Tornadoes, It’s Snowing, The Vegetables We Eat, and many more.

Collection price includes three titles of your choice. Please contact us for a complete list of titles!

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1 review for Exploring Science with Gail Gibbons: A Collection of Three Titles

  1. Alison Weber

    Gail Gibbons has written countless books over the years. They are great books to use for science and nonfiction fans in your classroom. All of these books are good resources for parents to use as well with their kids to help teach science.

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