Powerful Practices for Supporting English Learners: Elevating Diverse Assets and Identities


Highlight the assets of English Learners in your classroom

Students do better in school when their voices are heard. For English Learners, that means not only supporting their growing language proficiency, but also empowering them to share their linguistic and cultural identities.

This practical guide, grounded in compelling research and organized around essential questions and answers, is designed to help all educators build on their current competencies to authentically harmonize home languages and cultures in the classroom. Inside you’ll find

• The emotional, social, linguistic, cognitive, and academic rationale for incorporating cultural and linguistic assets
• Creatively illustrated powerful practices with concrete examples of successful implementation
• Myth-busting reflections to spark critical thinking about diversity, inclusive education, and family engagement
• Curriculum connections tied to American and Canadian standards

By recognizing and validating every student’s linguistic and cultural assets, you create a supportive environment for academic success.

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