Teaching Math at a Distance, Grades K-12: A Practical Guide to Rich Remote Instruction


Make Rich Math Instruction Come to Life Online

In an age when distance learning has become part of the “new normal,” educators know that rich remote math teaching involves more than direct instruction, online videos, and endless practice problems on virtual worksheets.

Using both personal experience and those of teachers in real K-12 online classrooms, distance learning mathematics veteran Theresa Wills translates all we know about research-based, equitable, rigorous face-to-face mathematics instruction into an online venue.

This powerful guide equips math teachers to:

  • Build students’ agency, identity, and strong math communities
  • Promote mathematical thinking, collaboration, and discourse
  • Incorporate rich mathematics tasks and assign meaningful homework and practice
  • Facilitate engaging online math instruction using virtual manipulatives and other concrete learning tools
  • Recognize and address equity and inclusion challenges associated with distance learning
  • Assess mathematics learning from a distance

With examples across the grades, links to tutorials and templates, and space to reflect and plan, Teaching Math at a Distance offers the support, clarity, and inspiration needed to guide teachers through teaching math remotely without sacrificing deep learning and academic growth.

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