Belonging and Inclusion in Identity Safe Schools: A Guide for Educational Leaders


Lead an identity safe learning community where students of all backgrounds thrive

Students of all backgrounds reach their full potential when they feel a sense of belonging and inclusion. When their social identities are valued as assets rather than barriers to learning, they flourish. This guide provides evidence-based strategies that support you as a leader in creating an environment that promotes identity safe students, who experience a challenging curriculum that respects their diverse social identities.

Features in the book include:

  • Guiding principles for student voice, equalizing status and cultivating acceptance across race, ethnicity, gender and other differences
  • Ideas and examples for anti-racist dialogue and activities for teachers and students that counter colorblind practices, stereotype threat and biases
  • Vignettes, and examples of identity safe practices for students and adult learning for staff, families and the community
  • Systems for student-centered assessment and data collection
  • Resources for developing equitable school policies and a comprehensive identity safety plan for your school

Educators fulfill the promise of an equitable education when students of all backgrounds know that who they are and what they think matters. Start the journey to become an identity safe school and see the results for yourself!

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